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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by LauraT View Post
I voted for Sharon, even though I think it would be a little weird to have that play out on screen. I think you'd have to go with "he didn't know" or a platonic friendship for most of the movie and then deal with the fall out.

Part of me wishes there will be lots of flashbacks so Peggy can still be in the movie as the main "love interest" as Steve comes to terms with being 70 years in the future, but that probably won't happen.
What's so frustrating is that even with Peggy being shown in flashbacks in scenes that we did not see happen in TFA, given the development of their relationship where they only just shared their first kiss near the end of Steve's run in the 40's, it'd be so limiting as to what they could present the two in when it comes to romantic

I mean, if Steve and Peggy were lovers already by the time he got frozen where they were already sleeping with each other, then you could show things like their first kiss in a flashback for the sequel or something like that.

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