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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

Originally Posted by howler View Post
The SS in real life gots its orders independent of the command structure of the regular german army, it was a point of contention and resulted in a poor response to the Normandy landings. HYDRA seemed to be set up the same way and as the war continued to go downhill Skull went more rogue. I can imagine him using some units for regualr german ops while conserving forces for his own motives. I bet he sent Berlin a message stating that those three guys he killed were caught in an air raid. HYDRA had the nazi ideology. The nazi's were notorious for hijacking mythology and using it for their own propaganda purposes. Their interest in the norse mythology(during the occupation of Norway they constantly tried to subdue the people by talking about their shared lineage)was true. All of this is explained in Erskine's conversation with Steve. Skull completely bought into Hitler's ramblings about German destiny and norse mythology. Yes, these guys were nazis. I had no problem with it. I liked the costume's because of their retro futuristic pulpy look.
I don't think Hitler would ever send resources to a weapons division that hadn't produced a single weapon for him for its entire existence.

Hydra agents never seemed to say anything racist or expressed Hitler's racist policies. Red Skull being directed involved in the crimes of the Third Reich makes him far more of scary villain then this silly plan to blow up Germany and America with energy bombs. The Nazis are defined far more by their racism then they are their interest in Norse Mythology. Hydra seemed like silly villains who were interested in Norse Mythology, not the hate filled and evil Nazis seen in WWII.

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