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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Except red Skull promised a bunch of weapons right away, which is why Hitler sent those Nazis to check on up on him. Red Skull got a unlimited resources for a year, with almost no real progress reports or oversight from the Nazis. That doesn't sound like something Hitler would do.
The Gestapo was notoriously bad at police work and intelligence gathering, yet Adolph kept them around. He tended to give subordinates more leeway then you would excpect from a meglomaniac. Skull has bigger plans than the nazis, thats canon and was consistent in the movie. He wanted to be the "superior man". The ideology was consistent with the nazis. He became fixated on one peice of Hitler's dream. You have to be careful when using nazis in movies. Go overboard and you get "iron Sky".

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