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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

I do hope it turns out good. Yes blows emh is over. But like I pointed out in its thread yost/fine while promoting the second season weeks ago. They mentioned while in production they didn't expect a pickup. They filled there original order. Now yest it would have been get to get more. But I am still willing to give the show shot. We have no major details or footage yet. So I hope they get some good writers on it. And I hope marvel folks/disney folks do look at the negative feedbback from usm and see that is not what kids/teens/adult viewers want to see.

Oh come on a name is just a dam name. Its wise to have a sub title/longer name. So you do have show conflicting name with another. What's the big deal that its called avengers assemble. Hell look at emh or the 90s avengers title. What's wrong there.

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