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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

I just watched the "Powerless" and "Assault On 42" episodes and I can honestly say I enjoyed both of them quite a bit. Two awesome villains were used in those episodes, one being The Destroyer who was controlled by Loki and the other being Annihilus.

It's safe to say Cap's inspiring words and leadership abilities are being shown much more, especially with him inspiring a mortal Thor and giving everyone orders in "Assault On 42". Tony Stark has also been much less of a jerk this season and I've probably seen the most likeable Stark yet in "Powerless". Thor is also a MUCH more capable warrior this season and the team usually relies on him for the "hard hitting" action and big power displays.

Did anyone else notice Thor filling Executioner in on the Enchantress situation in "Assault On 42"? I think it's foreshadowing Skurge performing his famous "Last Stand" against Surtur's forces later this season.

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