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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Some small notable parts of the season so far which I loved:

Mostly, lots of key Marvel characters appearing (like the FF, Spidey, War Machine and Ms. Marvel) even some cameos in Fury's bulletin board of epic Skrull deduction (I fangirled when I saw Scarlet Witch!)

Cap's apparent shipworthy chemistry with Viper in Prisoner of War

Tony's apparent chemistry with almost every female character

Carol's apparent chemistry with Mar-Vell (cue Katy Perry's E.T.)


The drama in To Steal an Ant-Man and Michael Korvac, not to mention a certain jaw-droppingly awesome talking raccoon.

Daisy Johnson (Quake's) appearance and the group's hilarious hazing of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel's epic '**** you' attitude especially when she takes out the Skrull queen. 'Write that!'

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Quartermain asking Spidey 'What's wrong with your voice?' I was like, 'It's not Josh Keaton, that's what's wrong!!'

Veranke calling Nick and Tony by their full names

The funny music at the end of 'Behold, the Vision' when Black Panther armlocks Clint

Maria Hill's true and hilarious quote: 'I've had the same car since I was nineteen years old and never had a problem, but this thing (the helicarrier) crashes every Thursday!' Lol.

Love how Fury has his own 'Angels---Mockingbird, Hill and Black Widow (plus Quake)

Wasp: 'I'm just happy we have another girl on the team.'
Tony and Clint: 'Hear hear!'

Hawkeye giving Bruce that weird look in the elevator (made even funnier by Bruce's ridiculous fishing outfit)

Anyone else think of anything they love besides everything?

Spread the word. It's not over yet.

I am a hopeless Hiddles fangirl!

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