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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Christopher_M View Post
with the Russo Brothers likely directing Cap 2... It wouldn't be hard to see Marvel casting Gillian Jacobs as Sharon Carter since it was never confirmed Carter has been shown on screen yet.. Cobie Smudlers best known for her sitcom How I Met Your Mother was cast as SHIELD agent Maria Hill so it's not hard to think they'd cast a supporting character like Carter from television shows..

yes, ho god yes.
Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I'm not the least bit concerned about the Russos lack of experience in movies (besides, they've done at least one feature film), or the fact that they specialize in TV; it's the fact that they specialize in comedy. Exclusively.

Yes, Cap could lighten up a little, but Cap's story does NOT need to turn into a fish-out-of-water sitcom. And unfortunately, I think that's why the Russos were hired. Playing up Steve's attempts to adjust to life in the 21st century for yuks is a terrible, terrible idea. Hell, if anything, his story should be played for pathos, not humor....poor guy's whole world and everyone in it were left 70 years in his past, and yet he hasn't aged a bit.

That's not something to laugh at; that's something to weep at.
'cause THAT won't get old. Also, while the Russo's specialize in comedy, their comedy is very detailed, established not through cheap gags and slap stick but through understanding their characters and subsequent personalities. they're humor is also quite dark and cynical at times, but can also have a lot of heart at other times. I'm not worried.

Originally Posted by UltimateJustin View Post
To alot of people, especially kids my age who grew up in Bush's America, TDK is kind of like our Woodstock. I'm not an idiot.
Welcome to the hype, we hate fun #gategate #SeriousBusiness
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