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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Christopher_M View Post
The impression I have is that they've combined the SHIELD film with CAP2.. so expect Hill, Widow, Hawkeye, Fury and new characters all in the mix for the sequel..not to mention some flashbacks to unseen WWII missions with the Howling Commandos..

the current rumors concerning new characters seem to be The Falcon, Black Panther, Sharon Carter and maybe Modok.. the latter I wouldn't be so sure of as Baron Strucker and Zemo had been in original drafts of First Avenger only to be cut out... My theory is that Cap could create a present day unit aka The Invaders going up against A.I.M./Hydra which is led by Strucker..A.I.M. could have a sleeper in the world counsel which might have Rogers questioning his loyalties to SHIELD along with the fact they're trying to create their Hydra-type weapons...I also believe that Winter Soldier could make an apparence but I assume they'll want to save some stuff for the third film...

Marvel is notorious for going bigger with each new installment so expect this sequel to be bigger than First Avenger in every way...given the fact the origin isn't eating 30 or so minutes of screentime this round

Good lord...
Not that I'd mind something like what you described as an epic *comic book* king-size annual, but for a movie....? Why even call it "Captain America" at all, when you're throwing in everyone except The Kitchen Sink? I agree that Cap's story will be tied to SHIELD, and we'll see the odd cameo or three, but let this be HIS story, not a mini-Avengers free-for-all.


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