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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by Golgo-13 View Post
I don't think Abom is the perfect Hulk villan, in any sense. He's too much like Hulk; so much so that just like the final battle in TIH, it had no heart and no emotion. It was just two big monster bashing each others brains out. Great eye cnady, but little depth. There are alot of much more intriguing villans in Hulks rough gallery that they could use. We all know the Leader. He's like Hulk's Lex Luther. Brains vs Brawn.
I've always felt that while the idea of having a villain as smart as the Hulk is strong is great, the execution is often lacking. Whereas I think the idea of basically an evil Hulk looks dull on paper, the actual characterisation they give Emil and his long personal history make their battles truly great.
Also he killed Betty so that gets him points for me.

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