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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

I was just thinking about possible villains that Cap could face in Cap 2, and Baron Zemo obviously popped into my mind... But I started to think about who could play him??

And I must say every time I see that Expendables 2 trailer, I just can't stop thinking about how perfect Jean-Claude Van Damme could be playing Zemo!!

I Know some might disagree, but just watch the trailer, and tell me he couldn't pull it off!!

He doesn't have to be the best of actors, because he will be wearing the mask for the entirety or at least 90% of the film, and he has the cool accent, he still has that athletic ability, so that we could see a awesome fight scene with Cap!!

And I just think looking at him in Expendables as a villain just suits him, better than any other role i seen him take in the past...

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