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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

All depends on how they go about this, I would like to see Wolverine, Kitty,Nightcrawler,Jean and Cyc back in an X Film. But for DOFP Id be cool with just Kitty and Wolverine cause most those other original characters should be dead right? THe films dont go by comics so who knows how the **** they will pull this off. Def dont wanna see Paquin as Rogue again. If they recast and have a completely different take I wouldnt mind seeing Rogue.

Rather they make room for characters that need time travel or alt univerese to be explained liek like Rachel Summers, Bishop or Cable. Might be the only time they have a chance to show up in an X film. Psylockes one of my fav so I hope one of these X Films features her. But with reason, not just because she hasnt been used and shes a fan fav.

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