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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango View Post
We're compelled to complain and wring our hands with worry over things we know almost nothing about, to the point where we start imagining fantastic little doomsday scenarios in which Marvel loses their minds and starts sabotaging their own films for giggles, all based on vague internet rumors and hearsay.

Way to overreact by pretending people are overreacting, instead of simply asking what Marvel saw in a couple of comedy directors for Cap.

*Every* director they've chosen so far has been because that director(s) is uniquely qualified to explore a certain facet of what Marvel Studios is looking for in each film. With Favreau, it was his work in Zathura that presaged the kind of movie he'd do for Iron Man; with Leterrier, he had experience in movies about a loner desperately running for his life from lots of people with guns; with Branagh and Taylor, you've got ample background in movies about court intrigue and royal family dramas; with Johnston, you've got decades of experience with action blockbusters and period pieces; with Black, he's been writing "crisis techno thriller" screenplays for decades, and has a long rapport with RDJ. Heck, even with Patty Jenkins, it was most likely about the feminine perspective she would have brought to a female villain like Enchantress, Karnilla, and/or Hela.

But The Russo Brothers, unlike all that, are totally left field. The only visible angle here is that they were chosen for their work in comedy, since that's the *only* field they've worked in.

So quit overreacting about people asking a simple but pertinent question: why were comedy directors hired to do a Captain America film?


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