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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
TS- I am encouraged that you endorse this as a good episode because I know we both have our reservations about Loebisodes(andMoA) and Powerless wasn't helping that point either haha.

The source I use to watch EMH online finally has Yellowjacket on there and I will be watching it in minutes

yeah, NOT a big fan of Loeb OR MoA, but I'd be interested in your thoughts on the Yellowjacket episode...

maybe the influence of Loeb, or especially MoA, just wasn't able to really dig their fingers in too deeply in the final few episodes that are left to air...

the basic groundwork for the remaining episodes were probably already laid out and too far ahead along the production track for them to do any REAL interference and damage... more than likely they came on board at a point where they just had to deal with what was already there and waiting... hence the relatively still good feel to the show...

hopefully, the remainder of Avengers EMH will remain stable and on a good course to the end...


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