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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

Originally Posted by howler View Post
The Gestapo was notoriously bad at police work and intelligence gathering, yet Adolph kept them around. He tended to give subordinates more leeway then you would excpect from a meglomaniac. Skull has bigger plans than the nazis, thats canon and was consistent in the movie. He wanted to be the "superior man". The ideology was consistent with the nazis. He became fixated on one peice of Hitler's dream. You have to be careful when using nazis in movies. Go overboard and you get "iron Sky".
Iron Sky seems more enjoyable then the Captain America movie was, even though its a comedy.

The fact is even though Red Skull in the comics had dreams of displacing Hitler, he had far subtle plans for achieving that goal then movie red Skull, who seemed to just wanted to blow up Germany and USA with lasers, making him an enemy of both the Third Reich and the Allies. That's just stupid. Plus in the comics, Red Skull was always a racist psychopath in this movie we never see this, he is another generic power mad mad villain, that makes him less unique, not more.

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