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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by SnuffTheRooster View Post
Wow you guys really expect them to go completely comedy? Are you out of your mind? Cap isn't going to be slipping on banana peels just because the directors are primarily comedy directors. Jesus christ. Have *some* faith in Marvel, this is just ridiculous. I agree that its an odd choice but you guys jumping to conclusions is just ridiculous. They haven't even begun casting and people are complaining. Ridiculous.
How is it "jumping to conclusions?" They're COMEDY directors. Period. That means that either (a) they're being hired for their expertise in COMEDY; or (b) Marvel is hiring directors who are COMPLETELY untested outside the COMEDY genre.

No, I don't think they're getting ready to go all slapstick on Cap. But I think the perception from Feige is that Johnston's Cap was earnest and serious and it failed (comparatively) at the box office --- #5 of all 6 Marvel Studios films. By contrast, Iron Man and the Avengers have ample laughs and don't take themselves too seriously, and those generate boffo box office. So Feige figures Cap needs a sense of humor for CA2. I don't know if that's a *bad* thing yet; but it sure as hell is a new direction for Cap, wouldn't you say?


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