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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Yay! Even though I'm cautious about this deciscion, I do like hearing some more positive voices coming out of the woodwork. I'm very interested in the Russos' vision of Captain America 2 and I'm keeping an open mind about it (while simultaneously envisioning Steve Rogers in Greendale... it makes me laugh).

I do think we're going to have to look beyond the genre the Russos work in to see why Feige hired them, at least until they thmselves tell us what their idea for CA 2 will be. I won't repeat myself, but the Russos know how to create a unique perspective with a tried-and-true format - the sitcom. Here, we have a tried-and-true format - the comic book movie. I also like what JustSomeGuy posted. TV has really upped its game over the past decade, to the point where I hold any ep of Arrested Development or Community is funnier than about 95% of today's comedies, and each episode of Game of Thrones has an epic, cinematic feel all their own. The connectedness between each Marvel movie to the entire framework of the MCU is paramount in phase II. We worry that the movies won't look cinematic enough, but we forget that there's a whole crew that will assist in production, as well as Feige and Co. backing the machine.

I'm still apprehensive about the production, but I do trust Feige.

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