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Originally Posted by RealIrOnMaN View Post

Well, only noticed it today. It looks like Emperor Stark episode takes place before Yellowjacket.
You rule my man, you have kept this site AS current as humanly possible Aussie wise with these to-the-minute updates.

Thanks again for occupying my last 2 weeks with girthy AEMH marathons of which DISNEY S%$-D would NEVER provide with their god awful attempts at maniplating ratings with horrendous movie cross promotions. There's just not enough time on this Earth to wait for these dunderheads to meander through season 2, 22 minutes every 3 weeks...PUKE!! I'll be dead before they get through season 2.

That said, I assume you saw "Emperor Stark", so was that piggy backed by "Code Red"? Can you give us a lil plot synopsis of what you've seen? And when will these be available?

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