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Exclamation Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Originally Posted by Arthur Curry View Post
Dread you're right on point as usual but this "Powerless" goes back waayy before JLU and "Kids Stuff". I think SUPERFRIENDS did it like at least 3x to my knowledge.

-There was an episode with Dr. Frankenstein that drained Batman,Superman, Wonder Woman's powers onto his new creation and ROBIN (Hawkeye) was the only one at full strength to pull the team through as he eventually absorbed their remaining powers to fight the SF monster

-Another ep where Aquaman, Superman, and Wonder Woman got turned into the Scarecrow, Tin-man, and Lion from THE WIZARD OF OZ by Mxyp and stripped them of most of their powers.

-Another one was CHALLENGE OF THE SFs called "World's Deadliest Game" where Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin lost their powers and gadgets and the LOD hunted them for sport.

-As well as another where the SF's got turned into kids which I think was a 7 minute short in those weird early 80s seasons.

-Also X-MEN 90's second season finale "Reunion" had the team in the Savage Land lose all their powers for a while an have to fight without them against The Nasty Boys.

-Also the mid 90s FANTASTIC FOUR brilliant 2nd season (the best FF ever by far) had an episode with Daredevil (Hawkeye) called "A Blind Man Shall Lead Them" where the FF lost all their powers and had to tackle Dr. Doom. Daredevil DIDN'T lose his power(s) and abilities and had to hold their hands.

etc etc. But I was done with that cliche' by SUPERFRIENDS. FANTASTIC FOUR toons are OBSESSED with that plot device and completely beat it death. So like you, seeing this tired cliche' in a 2012 toon just made my brain flatline. ESPECIALLY after you just had Cap in a friggin Skrull prison for 9 eps and Thor was dry humping Asgard/Midguard. The LAST thing I wanted to see Cap and Thor not at full strength at that point where they're fighting a very cool nemesis in THE WRECKING CREW, Cap's first interaction with them.

And although I despise it, didn't that hideous FF WGH from a few years ago have a few eps where they lost their powers as well?

P.S. "Dread, did I miss your "Along Came a Spidey" review? I feel like you may not have posted that along with the "Behold the Vision" debut???
My "ALONG CAME A SPIDER" review is here:

Keep in mind that when I mentioned certain episode themes, I didn't JUST mean superhero episodes. Plenty of other shows had "the amnesia episode", "the shrinking episode", "the powerless episode", etc. Off the top of my head, "HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" had "HE-MAN'S QUEST" as the amnesia episode, written by Paul Dini no less - and it was dreadful. Seriously, He-Man fights a purple rabbit named Plunder.

"FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD'S GREATEST HEROES" didn't have a "everyone loses their powers" episode, but they DID have a mind-swap episode ("DOOMED"), the shrinking episode ("WORLD'S TINIEST HEROES"), the amnesia episode ("THE CURE"), and the power-swap episode ("BAIT AND SWITCH"). Now, that isn't to say one can't make a good episode out of these endlessly repeated plots. "THE CURE" for instance was written by Dan Slott and was easily the best episode of the show. "JLU" did "THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY" swapping Flash's mind with Lex Luthor and it was also handled well. Usually, though, they wind up bland.

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