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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Okay, just saw a few episodes out of order (connection was bad last night), I'll post in spoilers to be polite even though it's probably not necessary at this point -

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Nightmare In Red - Good. Not great, but good. Action scenes were well executed, Bruce Banner fishing while Hawkeye complains was funny, the shout out to Hulk originally being gray was funny and Hulk saying "Avengers Assemble!" was awesome.

Prisoner of War - Probably the best of the bunch I just watched out of order, though Captain America's prison beard should have been thicker after two months. The Cap Vs. Super-Skrull fight was great, as was the scene of Cap owning the fake Avengers.

Along Came A Spider - Pretty good, overall. J. Jonah Jameson was his usual unlikable petty so-drunk-on-his-own-arrogance-that-he-doesn't-care-who-he-hurts self, the civilians of the Marvel universe once again proved to be a bunch of stupid jerks who don't deserve their heroes, Cap as always proved that he's too good for the stupid citizens of the Marvel Universe, Cap's team up with Spider-Man and their fight against the Serpents were well done; the very last scene with Cap giving his seal of approval to Spidey to go terrorize JJJ was funny. While I would have preferred what was no doubt the superior original performance of previous Spidey voice actor Josh Keaton I wasn't overly annoyed with current Spidey voice actor Drake Bell; at least he had better lines here than he does on USM.

Powerless - Okay this episode is just plain stupid, like a really bad 80s cartoon stupid. Iron Man & Captain America don't even technically have powers. Being basically a very durable athlete and a highly intelligent guy in a suit are not super powers. Ms. Marvel, Wasp and/or the Hulk would have been more logical choices, but it feels as though the writers were mandated to do an episode focusing on the Big 3 - Cap, Iron Man, Thor - and put zero thought or effort into it. And Thor shouldn't need any more "learn humility episodes" by this point. He and his home world got saved by his mortal teammates at the end of season one for crying out loud! How much more humbling could a big hulking god possibly need? Seriously, a chain-smoking monkey hand-cuffed to a laptop could have written a better episode. The only things that made this episode bearable were Hawkeye, Amora, Loki and the Destroyer.

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