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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
Hey guys. I never post, and don't really come on here much but I think this decision is so great I want to come on here and voice my support! I clearly see what Fiege is doing here. Going forward, MCU films are going to be done more in the style of TV episodes, and it's brilliant. I personally believe that over the last decade or so TV has really taken off and has overtaken film. Whedon, Taylor and the Russo's, while different genres, all have track records of great television. There is no way the creators of shows like Arrested Development and Community would feel comfortable working with the Russo's if they didn't have incredible talent when it comes to telling a story. Plus these next movies I think will be tied much closer together than the previous films were. Fiege understands the Avengers was great because it focused on the characters, let them drive the movie, and had it be a fun adventure film more than anything else. Big budget monster of the week type stuff, with awesome characters. This guy Fiege knows what he's doing.
Well, to offer a dissenting opinion: I disagree and I hope this isn't the route they are going by and large. When I go see CA2 or any future movie(in general as well as MCU) I am going to the Movies, and I would hope I get a real CINEMATIC and MOVIE-going expereience. If I walk out of Cap2 feeling like I just watched a 2 hour TV episode I will extremely Frustrated and Disappointed.

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