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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Originally Posted by Venomfan View Post
BigThor how did you find Thor in the past few episodes? the other characters are actually acting like hes a lot more powerful, and hes been showing it
Dude for the most part I've been THOROUGHLY impressed, Thor hasn't been getting thrown around by anyone that shouldn't be able to throw him around. He lifted that huge piece of the street in "Along Came Spidey", finished off Anihhilus in "Assault On 42", and he landed the killing blow on Ultron in "Ultron Unlimited".

Oh and it was pretty awesome seeing Yellowjacket avoid him instead of going toe to toe with him like he did with Cap and Panther. Thor even stopped the micro-prison from caving in on The Avengers at the end of the episode.

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
Thor is a lot more no-nonsense and imo definitely laying the smack down way more since coming back to Earth. (besides his little poor me attitude in that crap they call Powerless)
Hell yeah, I was like "now THIS is how Thor is suppose to be handled" and I noticed that he isn't treated that way when Hulk is around.

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