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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
Maybe I'm one of the few, but I have enjoyed every one of Ben10's series..However, Powerless was GOD-EFFING-AWFUL...

If MoA can keep in line with what they did with Yellowjacket, which I thought was definitely above average, I'll be happy the rest of this season. I just don't want inconsistent garbage.
I don't know what was awful about it. I loved seeing the Destroyer animated like that.

To me it reinforces that all of the Avengers are more than just their weapons, their armor, or their powers. It's their strength of character, integrity, and determination that makes the difference. Also, we got great material with Hawkeye joking around about the guys not having their best day since Hawkeye is always the bow and arrow guy. He's a regular human being without special powers and yet in this episode he's the one having to save their necks since his teammates are now at physical disadvantages.

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