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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
Well, to offer a dissenting opinion: I disagree and I hope this isn't the route they are going by and large. When I go see CA2 or any future movie(in general as well as MCU) I am going to the Movies, and I would hope I get a real CINEMATIC and MOVIE-going expereience. If I walk out of Cap2 feeling like I just watched a 2 hour TV episode I will extremely Frustrated and Disappointed.
I'm simply saying the style they are going for will be more similar to television, not necessarily the effects or way it is shot. If you want to get guys who know how to do characters, go to television. That's where television excels way over movies. Did you think the Avengers was enough of a cinematic experience? Because Avengers was done in the style I'm talking about. The characters are the focus of the movie, and done extremely well. That's why it was so great. Was the plot anything special in the Avengers? No, of course not. But the characters were done phenomenally well, because Whedon knows how to write characters, which is evident by his history in television. I think it's also why JJ Abrams has made great movies recently, his history in TV. Look at how well the characters were done in Star Trek. I think it isn't a coincidence that the style was similar, in that the characters are good enough that they can carry whatever the plot is. Show creators need to make much more nuanced characters in order for them to be able to hold a show. They need to give them really strong, identifiable personalities, which is one of the toughest things to do I think. It's where the strength of the medium is, because they need to drag a story out muchhh longer. You can't have weak characterization in a tv series or it won't last. Which is why I think the route they are taking is brilliant. I'm liking everything this guy Fiege has done so far, and I think he is just starting. He will get better as he continues. Remember, Marvel Films is still a very young film studio. They know what made the avengers great, and will keep going in that direction.

Just some guy's opinion.

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