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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

I could see future Wolverine, causing some problems for the past him, maybe getting his face in the news or wanted by police (an since he doesn't really age, past wolverine would get mistaken for him)

maybe escaping those problems is why he changes his name and join up to ship off to Vietnam

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
According to XMO: Wolverine, he fought in Vietnam (with Sabretooth), they were recruited by Stryker (whose father we saw in First Class) and joined Team X. He left and seven years later, when Kayla was killed, had the adamantium put in
tho, we heard Charles say to agent Stryker (implying that he was William's father) that he was thinking of his son (William)... most people assume that it meant his son was still just a kid, but, he could've just as easily have been thinking of a 18-19 y.o William, having just join the army soon to be shipped off to Vietnam.... xo:w mainly took place nearly 10 years later towards the end of the war (during his time William, could of climbed the ranks to becoming a General) despite being played by a nearly 50, Danny Huston, could've been late 20s early 30s when we first see him as General Stryker recruiting Wolverine and Sabertooth, then say they were on the X team for a few years, before Logan quite the team... then it was another 7-8 years, before Stryker comes back to recruit him for the weapon X project... so, he would've been like in his later 30's early 40's by the end of XO:W... then X2 was set 15-20 years later when we saw (a nearly 60) Brian Cox playing him (making him around the right age)

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