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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Bryn View Post
I think Cap 1 had some good humor. I think there's a place for humor in the movie. I do think Cap is really hard to do. He's got a sense of humor ... He's a smart guy. But he's firm on what he believes and on right and wrong.

I think they're going to bring in Falcon and possibly have Cap get stripped of his costume (Nomad). That story line did have him tripping on his cape, by the way.

We'll see. I think Marvel has done a perfect job selecting their directors. The one I was really skeptical about was Favreau. and he was fantastic with Iron Man. Haven't been concerned since that one. Very well selected. The movies have all been well done.
Yikes. I hope Nomad never sees the light of day. You can have Cap have some crisis of conscience and reject his own government (god knows if he lost faith in America simply over the Nixon years, he should have been horrified at the neo-fascist regimes, both Democrat and Republican, that followed), but I'd hate like hell to see him lose the costume and switch it for a dollar-store generic cape in the movies. His iconography is about his faith in his country and his people, *not* the government.


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