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Default Re: Advanced Tickets for TDKR

Can anyone get the freaking AMC website to work?? I keep clicking the showtime link to buy a freakin' ticket for the trilogy screening and it kicks me back to the main TDKR page. Grrrrrrrrrr

*edit* I got it to work but now it's only showing the TDKR midnight showings. Geez...

*edit* aaaaaaaaaaaand the Universal Citywalk marathon is sold out. #$$)(@$%*$()%

*edit* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND now that I've decided what to do with my limited options, Fandango is being a jerk. Wow, this is a fun experience.

OK FINE, I got a $25 trilogy pass at my 2nd-choice theater. Dang, people!

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