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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I dont see how he would fit into the Japanese story. Wouldnt be against it and want to see that character on screen, but how do you see him fitting in there?

I could see Psylocke cause she has history with Wolv,Japan and the hand but not Fantomex. Only similarities are the Weapon plus program which I dont think The Wolverine will go back into and since Fantomex was created in the world thats kind of a whole different thing to explain.
I'm not overly keen on Fantomex appearing in the First Class films. He's too hi-tech and he's too like Wolverine and his name is silly (why did he choose that? It doesn't come from anything at all). He's basically Wolverine crossed with Gambit and Mastermind, with a mask that has the same psi-blocking effect as Magneto's helmet.

He belongs perhaps in the Deadpool movie, if not in a further Wolverine movie ('Wolverine: Weapon X'???) after this next one.

Psylocke could work, I guess. Which version? Which of her many powers?

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