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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Not enough known right now to judge fully on the story and what they are doing but I think with a darker story line and future in DOFP, having more violent characters would be the better option. Just talking characters we havnt seen yet. Cable, Domino, Fantomex (yeah its said like Phantom X) and Psylocke could all work imo. Yeah you couldnt go into backstory on Fantomex. They rarely do with chracters anyways and his story and birth with The World is even more confusing. They could just say Weapon PLus or Weapon XIII if they want to allude to anything.
Depends if the story stays in the future for any length of time, or whether any characters come from the future and stick around.

Sunfire could be cool and moving to the future could set up Mags having daughters if they want to keep that tie with Polaris. Like you said without the connection shes just a duplication of powers without explanation. In a violent world/future, having violent characters good or bad would make the most sense to me.
Depends if we stay in a violent future, or if the main stories remain in the 60s.

With Dazzler the disco thing depends on when FC2 takes place, adding her to the film would not just be beacuse of her genre of music but more for the fact she could be a celebrity and later be discovered as a mutant. Since she can kinda manipulate sound and her shows, being a lil a head of the music scene would make sense to me. Having her be the start of the disco music scene could work.
I'd like to see her at some point. The 70s disco scene seems a good place. But as long as there is music involved, i'm okay. She would be best depicted originating as a singer, not just some chick who turns sound to light.

I really think any character could be added with what we know at this point haha. Thunderbird is the one I just dont get. Paying tribute to an earlier time of comics with a character who was in like three issues is a bit lost on me, and in a film version of DOFP that makes less sense.It would be cool to have a Native American but Warpath would just seem the better option to me. I had no idea Thunderbird had a fanbase. Thats cool if people want him Im not talking ****, I just dont get the appeal or reasoning. I dont think the character ever did much but get killed quick.
I agree Thunderbird would be fan-service at best. He doesn't do much except die and his powers aren't too exciting.

There are other Native Americans if they choose. Forge. Talisman. Mirage. Warpath. (Probably best to leave Snowbird - who i'd love to see on screen- and Shaman for if/when they ever tackle Alpha Flight)

Forge would be great if they need an inventor.

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