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Exclamation Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Dread for example didn't even want to believe Earth's Mightiest Heroes would even be good at first and doubted the writing and creative abilities of Chris Yost and was skeptical it would even be good at all. Maybe Dread should learn from experience to have an open ind.
Mind, I presume. S'okay, typos happen.

You are correct, I was initially skeptical whether Chris Yost could story edit a show like "A:EMH" alone considering most of his animation work was alongside Craig Kyle and I considered a lot of it hit or miss. You are correct that I was wrong about his ability to helm a show.

The caveat here, however, is that "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" is presumably going to be handled by Jeph Loeb and MAN OF ACTION unless we get another announcement. The dilemma with that is while MAN OF ACTION may have been very successful with their own properties such as "BEN 10" or "GENERATOR REX", their opening salvo in Marvel Animation was "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN", which I find to be a poor effort so far. To put it kindly, it was the first animated TV project with Loeb in charge of that realm after almost 12 years of Fine, Kyle, and/or Yost in charge to some degree and it wasn't exactly a good first impression. As much as I criticized "WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN" - and by "criticized" I meant often ranted like a mad man - its worst episodes were better than "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN" has mustered so far. Thus, I am not thrilled with the near future direction of Marvel Animation now, whether with "HULK: AGENT OF SMASH" or "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE".

It's possible "USM" was freshman jitters. It's also possible it represents the assumption of assuming the lowest common denominator for its audience. It is a shame that intelligent shows are dismissed as appealing to "40 year old white men" while "all ages" is code for "dummying down" a lot, but unfortunately that seems to be the reality on TV most often. We'll see which is which when this show and "H:AOS" debut, although I'm not exactly anticipating it.

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