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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I'm not overly keen on Fantomex appearing in the First Class films. He's too hi-tech and he's too like Wolverine and his name is silly (why did he choose that? It doesn't come from anything at all). He's basically Wolverine crossed with Gambit and Mastermind, with a mask that has the same psi-blocking effect as Magneto's helmet.

He belongs perhaps in the Deadpool movie, if not in a further Wolverine movie ('Wolverine: Weapon X'???) after this next one.

Psylocke could work, I guess. Which version? Which of her many powers?
All the characters have silly code names. Fantomex sounds pretty ****ing cool to me. I am a geek though haha. His name comes from Fantomas whos an old school french crime character and the ex Im guessing is since hes weapon XIII and part of the X men world. His name is perefct reference to who he is as a character. Hes a faux french thief, and resembles a character from the French Film Diabolik who is also based on Fantomas. Makes perfect sense why he would choose that name. Eva comes from the same reference as well I believe.

Based on that alone I think hes perfect for any movie that needs a bad ass thief/kick ass character. Espeically with Vaughns backgorund and style. Hes also imo one of the most interesting written X characters in quite sometime. The Morrison run was kinda meh on explaining the character but Rick Remenders take is some of the best the X books have seen in over a decade. Complex awesome character. Have you read The Dark Angel Saga? If not I couldnt recommend it more. He would work great in a more violent X men setting or a stylized 60s imo. Since the core of his characters is similar to french 60s films, I would just cut the weird complicated origins and he would fit fine.

As far as him in a Deadpool movie, sure why not. Dont see why he would pop up unless they connected him to the Workshop somehow, or someone had Wade hired to kill him. Im all for it either way.

With Psylocke def would prefer starting with Asian Betsy. Love to see a backstory but I dont think that will ever happen. Id give her the psiblades and telepathy.Also give her the psi butterfly effect on screen so there is a consistency when she uses her powers. If shes in DOFP it would be cool if she had her crimnson dawn tatoo but I would like her to be on team Wolverine even though that goes against her character in that storyline quite a bit. I thnk shes working with Emma frost and Hellfire in that storyline. So I would change that. Always prefer her as a hero so I would like to see her first apperance either introduced that way or swittching sides. So in the end shes good. Just my preference I know its a bit different and probably not too realistic for how she will be adapted. In the Wolverine its pretty easy to add her into any situation involving the hand. Logan and her have had a few missions there together.

Fantomex and Psylocke are my two favorite characters in the current run so I am a bit biased with wanting to see them.

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