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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Wouldn't put to much stock in minor sticking points. As long as things fall in the ball park with some continuity errors here and there. Vaughn should not be restricted to trivial details. Go with what worked in previous movies and there ya go. We went through this crap with Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith. Not every Lego will fall in place.

Characters, Wolverine is a must... for FC 3. The third part. Maybe a cameo or a cliff hanger although that would be kinda cheesy. It would be Jackman's final role in the franchise. We don't need a third solo movie and The Wolverine will prove that.

Kitty Pride for sure because the character is overpowered as hell and can survive a time travel trip. Rogue would be pushing it. Need some new female characters. I would also send back Iceman/Angel. Keep Collosus in the future sequence. Kill either Iceman/Angel off and send the other back with Kitty.

FC3/X-4 would be a feature a young Jean/Scott/Storm/Beast. The classic lineup from the 90's. The future would feature Wolverine and maybe an older Storm. Villains would be the Sentinels, Graydon Creed/Bolivar Trask. Something huge and epic.

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