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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by RealIrOnMaN View Post
Because they want the new show to be as close to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as possible. Read the extract from TV Guide on Page 3 of this thread, that's basically Loeb's main goal.
RIM, that's what I was getting at -- the new cartoon wants to be close to the MCU. But they're using the comics Thor design, rather than trying to get him closer to the MCU design. The images you've posted show a Thor who looks a lot like the Coipel Thor in costume. The MCU Thor, obviously, differs visually in a bunch of ways (beard, costume details, and MCU Thor doesn't wear his helmet very much, which I know annoys a lot of folks, but it *is* a visual difference).

So I can understand the cartoon's goal of looking more like the MCU, and with Cap, Iron Man, and Hawkeye at least, plus Hulk, they seem to be going in that direction. (At least based on what we can see so far.)

But if their goal is to look more like the movies, then Thor kind of sticks out to me as looking purely like his comics counterpart, not his movie counterpart at all. Actually, the same goes for Black Widow -- her long hair and her belt are from the comics, not from the way she was done in the movie.

I'm not saying that's good or bad, really. But it struck me. There must be some reason for it, and I just wonder what that is.

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