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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Movies are expensive. Movies come out every 2-3 years, in general. Trying to schedule crossover movies like the Avengers and the MCU going forward are a logistical nightmare. Plus, the "street level" heroes don't really gain anything by being on a massive screen as opposed to a TV set. And yeah, I'd even extend that to Spidey. After all, he *did* have a live action TV series back in the 70s.
"Street level" hero movies would be cheaper to make than their Captain America and Iron Man and Thor movies, plus the "street leve" heroes would gain popularity with the masses of movie goers instead of home viewers that would most likely dvr the show. And I'm not saying that Heroes for Hire needs to crossover with the other MCU movies, but there's no reason not to make it canon with the MCU.

Live action super hero tv shows rarely do well. Other than the ****ty Smallville, there hasn't been a truly successful live super hero show in live action; especially one that is faithful to its source material. It's because tv shows fall into ruts, and have the obligatory lame episodes because of budgetary reasons most the time. I say just put more work into movies that won't cost much than a tv show that most likely wouldn't succeed.

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