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Live-action superhero TV shows don't work because they never get the budget they'd need to make it not look cheesy. The only great live-action superhero TV shows I've ever seen were both run by Joss Whedon and managed to be great because they embraced their low budget-ness with a tongue-in-cheek camp element in their tone. That won't work for Heroes for Hire (at least, I don't want to see it). And sadly I don't see Disney/ABC bucking the trend and giving this the budget it needs, either. I mean, I want to see martial arts action set pieces on par with The Raid for these guys. I just don't see that happening on TV.

So for that reason, I'd prefer a movie, but if they could actually make a good TV show, I'd be cool with it. And I think your cast would be great for a TV version, Chewy.

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