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Default Outfits Inspired by the Avengers

i found this online, some blogger compiled outfits based on the avengers. I dont know a lot about fashion but damn its almost like the designers intended for their stuff to one day be associated with this movie.

the Hawkeye one is too eerily close to the comic book. like if barton wore drag he would wear this.

Perhaps the general public isn’t familiar with just how kick ass Clint Barton is but yeah, he’s awesome. Hawkeye is adventurous and doesn’t worry a lot. In the movie, he didn’t wear purple and blue but that’s his costume colors. The blue clutch has a bow and the earrings are arrows… ‘bows and arrows’- pretty much on the nose.
so after coming across this i started thinking about how the avengers are finally becoming known in the eyes of the mainstream. any of avenger references like this?

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