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Default Re: (Spoilers) Did Anyone Else Find It Sad...

Originally Posted by shieldmaiden View Post
I really wanted to believe in the love story in this... I've got history of talking tough (LOVED Black Widow's "Love is for children" line) but am really a big-time softie at heart.

I didn't see any potential love interest from the potential heroine until AFTER Steve's big transformation. Yep, they talked in the cab, and she liked him... but to me, it seemed like he was permanently "friend-zoned"-- until she realized she was gonna end up losing him to someone else (Like that hot blonde that smooched him!) unless she reciprocated his crush on her. It seemed like it was more the injury to her pride that got her attention than anything real. You know?

I love Cap-- don't get me wrong-- but the dude has an awful lot to learn about women. Ha! He's been out of it so long, he might not even know about The Pill. Someone had better talk to him... if Tony did it, it'd be hilarious!

Modern women could be the worst thing that ever happened to him. Super abilities and strength, plus good looks and a kind, unselfish nature... sorry, but to a lot of single women, that's just a prey animal waiting to be hung on the wall like a trophy to their own "hotness." No consideration for HIM, at all...

Also, I think part of Steve's fixation on Peggy was that she WASN'T seeming to be interested in him "in that way"... having a crush on a completely unattainable woman would feel very comfortable and familiar to him, as I'm sure it probably wasn't the first time. Ha- it was probably a way of LIFE! Being all caught up in someone unavailable would be a safe way for him to dip a toe into "love" without having to deal with the messy issues of "does she really love me for ME?" that would have to be addressed sometime if he were a real guy...

I really WANTED there to be a better love story... I waited, and hoped she'd catch on. Eventually, she did... and it was ok. There, toward the end, she was starting to reciprocate his feelings. But it would have been better if it could have developed a little more before the "super soldier" transformation. Someone who could have loved him for HIM would have been a lot more believable and deserving than someone who just wants to bang themself a super-hottie.

Cap's kind of like a really gorgeous woman that started out as an "ugly duckling" and then grew into her looks later. He had time to develop a genuine personality and some baggage... and that'd make him a bit cynical about all the attention he'd get after his transformation.

From a dramatic story point of view, whatever happens with Cap's future love life doesn't matter so much... I think it'd be kind of realistic to have it take a while to get himself sorted out that way. But from a fan point of view? I think we'd all like him to be happy, eventually-- and preferably with a female lead character that is MORE than just a pretty face. There's so much potential there for a really epic romance... not just a "comic book" romance.

If I were writing this, I'd love to see him have a female friend that's kind of an ordinary gal-- one who's got a personality, compassion, and some of her own issues along with that spark of goodness like he has. This gal and would totally friend-zone him for a while because SHE wouldn't feel worthy of him or able to compete with the other chicks that are throwing themselves at him. It could lead to some awesome missed connections and subtle humor, and I think it'd feel real to the audiences. As an average woman, I can say with authority--it's a lot easier on the heart to be "just friends" than admit you're head over heels for a guy that's everything you'd want, but will probably pick someone a lot prettier than you. (Trust me, I LIVED this once! ) I think Joss Whedon could carry something like this off awesomely-- look at Kaylee, from Firefly, a genuine soul, girl-next-door good looks. Perfect.

I thought that waitress character might have potential, once I heard what was going on in the deleted scenes. It would make me all kinds of fangirl happy to have the above scenario played out over the course of several movies... and I'd totally pay good money to see Tony try to explain modern women to Cap. And then hilarity would ensue...
But she did like him for him before the transformation. She's certainly impressed when he outsmarts his platoon and his DI, and during the grenade scene she runs toward him rather than away. There's also a subtle moment when she lingers around Steve and Erskine has to remind her she should be elsewhere. She isn't in love, but she's certainly fond of him.

Aside from the groping, which is as much Is it real? Dead it really work?eyes deceive me as Hello beefcake! she acts pretty much the same around Cap even post-transformation. She only "falls" for him when he comes back with the POWs.

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