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Live-action superhero TV shows don't work because they never get the budget they'd need to make it not look cheesy. The only great live-action superhero TV shows I've ever seen were both run by Joss Whedon and managed to be great because they embraced their low budget-ness with a tongue-in-cheek camp element in their tone. That won't work for Heroes for Hire (at least, I don't want to see it). And sadly I don't see Disney/ABC bucking the trend and giving this the budget it needs, either. I mean, I want to see martial arts action set pieces on par with The Raid for these guys. I just don't see that happening on TV.

So for that reason, I'd prefer a movie, but if they could actually make a good TV show, I'd be cool with it. And I think your cast would be great for a TV version, Chewy.
H4H wouldn't really need that large of a budget to display all of their powers properly. I mean were not talking about a lot of CGI creatures, mostly displays of strength and some energy creation for Iron Fist.

My preference would be to start the series out with two seperate 2 hour TV movies, one for Cage and one for Iron Fist. Those two shows then lead into Heroes for Hire, which would tie into the MCU. I like the idea of Quartermain being the SHIELD contact that shows up periodically. You really have a good opportunity here to have Cage and Iron Fist provide a different perspective on the MCU.

Also, Terry Crews for Luke Cage. The reason for this would be two-fold. First, I'd like to see Cage be a bit older than Iron Fist, so in the Leathal Weapon mold of Murtaugh and Riggs, but here is the twist, swap the roles. Cage is more hot-headed and unstable whereas Rand is the serious, calming influence. I think Crews could deliver this, as well as some humor. Secondly, I'd like to see someone who is experienced in both TV and film because I'd be all for having Luke Cage and Iron Fist make an appearance in an MCU movie down the road.

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