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Default Re: Who would you cast as 'The Falcon'

Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
If the filmmakers can update the original green outfit, that would be great.. no ostentatious "bird nose" (that yellow thing typically seen on his brow), however.. and give him a chest logo..

For the first appearance, if they keep him ground-bound like cap (as he was for the first couple of years) that might work for the solo film.. for an Avengers appearance he can get the wings upgrade from the Panther..

Oh, and no pimp background..
Eh, I don't think I'd wait an extra film to put on the wings. Those are far more defining of the character than when he was grounded. But I agree with you about his background. In fact, I'd think they'd scrap any version of his convoluted and silly 616 backstory altogether. Hate to keep going back to the Ultimates, but since the movies rely heavily on that as their source material, Ult Falcon is a little simpler and more straightforward --- ex-military who served under Fury, and is now a SHIELD agent with nanotech-powered glider wings.


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