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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Jean Grey won't be Involved Inless they jump to 1970's.

They could use the JFK assassination this way.X-Men/X2 or X-Men/X2/last Stand trilogy was influenced by Magneto and Brotherhood launching a public attack that caused the
public to be aware of mutants ending with death of JFK.At begining of film we see the Sentinles unleashed on world.An attempt Is made by surviving X-Men to change the past.A characer Is sent back In time to warn Xavier and the X-Men at this time of what Magneto and Brootherhood will do and what eventully will come from It.In the end X-Men defeat Brootherhood.They still cause the public to become aware of mutants but they are no longer publicly blamed for the JFK Assassination.At end Magneto causes the JFK assassination as history knows It.

This film Is almost certenly based on Ideas that Bryan Singer had for X4.I doudt any connections to The Last Stand will be made Inless they pull a Casino Royale and get ellen
Page to play Shadowcat.

It's possable they could also start the present part with JFK assassination with Magneto responable for magic bullet and It be a public attack later In the 1960's be event which will eventully lead to Sentinles.

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