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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by SecretNerdGirl View Post
Quite a general comment. You obviously are not to fussed about the cancellation of this. This is in no way a rude comment, as everyone has their individual opinion, but what did you have against the show?

Be happy that it isn't in the same universe as USM. My hopes have been lifted.
I have nothing against the show. I love the show. I'm just not a whiny fanboy/fangirl hater like a lot of other people. Here we had a really good show that had a nice run. Then we have other good shows that struggle, literally struggle to get this far. Look at new Thundercats, MOTU 200x, Wolverine and The X-Men. I'm simply happy that such a high quality Marvel animated series got this good of a run.

To me doing a new show that takes cues from the movies is good business since the haters aren't willing to admit the current series did not do that well in the ratings.

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