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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

While I may prove to be wrong I don't see Hugh Jackman headling the whole film.He will
be wraping up The wolverine as days of future Past goes before the camers.He previously had another film lined up post The Wolverine.Although as proved with LM he can change his schedule.I think It Is more likely he would only be In a 15-20 opening sequenze set In future.It would be more likely another character time travels.Based on Jackman's schedule there Is possabilty of during second half of film the time traveler seeks out help of the first Class era Wolverine.

Hard to know what exactly Bryan singer has come up with here.But,safe bet It will
Involve Sentinles and Time Travel.Remember with sentinles Singer doesn't care about what was done In Last Stand.The Idea In first Class to show the falling out between
Xavier and Magneto and Xavier being crippled was his.There were reports when he was going to direct of the film showing how Xavier and Magneto ended up on their paths.So,
who knows what awaits In days of future Past.

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