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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

Originally Posted by X Knight View Post
I don't think it's a matter of Superman NOT having fear in his heart. After all, we all feel fear, and I'm sure Clark is no different.

The issue is what are you afraid of and how that dictates your actions.

Saying that Superman does the right thing because he's fearful of doing the wrong thing almost makes it sound like Superman is afraid of "giving in to his dark side." Maybe that's not exactly what you meant, Rodrigo, but that's impression I get from that analogy.

Likewise, doing the right thing because you are afraid that you won't live up to your parent's expectations or the public image, that kind of makes it sound like you're doing something not because you really want to do it but because it's what other people expect of you. ascribes an ulterior motive to your actions.

A better use of fear as a motivator, imo, would be Superman feeling genuinely afraid of an extremely evil and/or powerful foe. Not being afraid to go hide in the FOS or give up being Superman. But being aware of how great a threat the foe is to everyone and thus making Superman even more determined to stop the threat.

Or, Superman being aware of just how powerful he is and afraid that he will hurt his loved ones ( and others ) if he doesn't keep his powers under control. So, that makes him much more reserved/cautious about using his powers and more likely to talk/use diplomacy when handling situations. Only getting angry and letting loose with his powers when the situation calls for it. would make him mature and responsible about how he uses his powers.

and maybe that's more of what you meant about "fearful of doing the wrong thing", Rodrigo. if so, then I can get behind that.

but being fearful of not living up to parental expectation or public image, I don't really want to associate that with Superman.
That's definitely better than my explanation of it

I honestly think I used the wrong choice of words before. So I'll clarify it.

What I meant was, because we hear a lot of people saying they can't relate to Superman cause he's a boyscout, I was thinking, 'fine, so how about he can still be the boyscout, but make him relatable to people?'.

What I suggested was, but lost it somewhere was that he's an all round good guy to make his parents proud of him, not look bad in their eyes, cause he was raised with all the love and praise anyone could ask for, he tries extra hard in what he does.
Which I was hoping people would be able to relate to, but it's not a factor that needs to be included for Superman. I was hoping it would be something like an understanding of his motivations, for the ignorant. So back to the drawing board

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