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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I don't see why they shouldn't use the JFK assassination If they want to.Let's be honest more will be seeing this film than saw watchman.Plus It would be a more Inmrortant thing here than In watchmen.
what if its the reserve

instead of Magneto being the assassin, he screws up the timeline by trying to save him?

what if JFK becomes a mutant supporter, an that's why he is being targeted for assassination (by freinds of humanity, or some other anti-mutant group)

in his efforts to stop this, Magneto reveals himself, an in doing so bringing mutant awarness to the general public
(it gets out that JFK not only knew about mutants but supported them and was part of the cover up about there existence, causing the people to turn on him, and leaving room for an anti-mutant politic to raise to power) which begins the war on mutants and sentinels,...ect

so, who ever comes back from the future would have to convince not only Magneto, but Xavier too let the assassination happen for the good of the future, or maybe even have to assassin him them self to save the timeline

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