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Default Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

The following article has apeared on allot of the animaiton boards, regarding the future of Marvel animation. The things that got me perticually interested me is the news of Avengers cartoon, the likelyhood of USM being cancled, and the possibility of an X-Men cartoon.
This has got me VERY excited. I'm not sure if I want it to go the EMH way (cry), and start with the original lineup and work its way up, or maybe do a mix of the current lineup. Whatever it is, I am SO excited....unless it goes the USM way, then god help us.
"- According to Agent X, 2 more, unannounced Marvel animated TV series are in different stage of production.
- One of these series is a new X-men animated show.
- Not much is known abt the X-men show except that it might have the same tone as Avengers Assemble.
- Agent X either did not want to reveal the second project or did not have enough info"

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