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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Venomfan View Post
they should cancel ultimate spider-man then to make a show more like the new movie right? good business and all
Wouldn't surprise me if they did at some point. Amazing Spider-Man hasn't even come out yet though.

Why shouldn't the movies influence the cartoons?
Assuming any of this is true and MAA isn't going to be set in the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man, why not have it set in the same universe as EMH and bring back the voice cast and treat it like a soft reboot? Yeah, it won't really appease fans, but it will at least reduce the outrage being thrown at them even if by a little. If it winds up being bad, people can still just ignore it.
Why? It's a new show. It's a new creative team. Why should it have to be shackled by an older albeit great series? The fans are going to get over it and watch it regardless or not watch. All the cartoons are likely targeting a boys 6-11 demographic anyway.

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