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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
I can't wait to see it too. Because I KNOW what an amazing character he is, but the GA doesn't know the full extent of that.

I mean, I was having this arguement yesterday with a friend who said the MOS reboot was pointless because everyone knows Superman's origin.

And I said 'No, they really don't', because all people really know is Donner's origin. Kents find him, teenage Clark has an angsty moment, Pa Kent dies, Clark goes off to the arctic, Ice Castle rises up, Clark goes in, Superman flies out.

Basically, Clark becomes Superman because Jor-el tells him to. He tells him the rules, he tells him what to wear.

And that's not an origin I've ever been remotely interested in.

It is SO neccesary to reboot. It is so neccesary to really show Superman's character the way he is in his greatest stories. The guy who DECIDES to become a hero because he WANTS too. The guy with this incredibly strong respect for life, who feels the responsibility of the power he's been gifted with. The guy who grew up with pretty much a human childhood, with the same thoughts and feelings we all have, and who simply believes the goodness in the human race is something worth fighting for.

Not because he's some saviour from another world, not because it's his destiny... But because it is HIS world, and he cares about it.

That's why stuff like those prophecy rumours scare the heck out of me

I completely Agree!!!

I mean truth be told, most of the live action versions of Superman that we've seen since the Donner Era have been so greatly influenced by that version of Superman's origin that none of them have really ventured towards trying to establishing something new when it came to Clark Kent's journey towards becoming Superman.

"Smallville" had attempted to but as soon as they got into Season 5, they started to rely on the Donnerverse too much as a crutch.

And honestly, I was just reading a interview that Matthew Modine had conducted regarding his thoughts on recent superhero films and wow, he really dug himself deep with some of the comments that he had made regarding on how only Batman seems to be relatable for viewers whereas anyone else with powers are too beyond that.

I mention that because one of Superman's biggest criticisms from most fans is that he's unrelatable and how he's too goody goody/boyscout.

People have no problem getting past things like Spiderman having powers, being an genius, or things like Bruce Wayne being a billionaire playboy with the best conditioned body that a human being could have without genetically altering it...but when it comes to Superman, it seems like his powers and his ideals stop most people from digging deeper as to who he is; on who he can be.

Like you said, this is a guy that was raised as a human and has/would have a lot of human traits and wants like any other person has. What makes him so special is that he chooses to willingly put his own needs aside to help others.

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