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Default Re: The Official "I Loved Raimi's Spider-Man' Thread - Part 1 of 99 Luft - Part

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Yah....because it's not like films like Batman Begins or Casino Royale had no effect in reboots or anything or has given any inspiration of such.

And Aziz mentioned it already, but X-MEN changed the face of CBMs, not Spider-Man. People seem to always forget that Bryan Singer is the one that really brought CBMs to life and Sam Raimi only went on for the ride in bringing back Spidey. If anything, Spider-Man shouldn't be the one on the list, X-Men should.
Nonsense. X-men was nothing but a furthering of The Matrix style of film. Simple Black suits, people with powers that had no origins and the main guy (Wolverine) was a kung-fu master with attached blades. It paid little to no heed to the comics.

Spider-Man worked from the source material. Gave him an origin, gave him a comic book style villain (X-men didn't have the courage to hire someone of the right age for Magneto or to suit him up in his comic style armor), AN ACCURATE COSTUME and comic style battle scenes. Spidey 1 and all of the Raimi films had problems but it was definitely a new threshold for comic book movies. And the Effects were groundbreaking. You wouldn't have the Avengers if Spidey hadn't been made.

And so what if Batman Begins and Casino Royale(?) made a statement for reboots? The James Bond franchise has been rebooted repeatedly and each reboot was hailed during its time period. Many people loved the humor that Roger Moore brought to the Bond films and then they loved the seriousness that Brosnan brought. Every Bond has been "The second best Bond" next to Connery.

Batman Begins simply wasn't a great movie. It wasn't even that good a movie. Like I said, it gets props for being lumped in with TDK and because the previous Batman film had been so terrible that anything would've looked classic next to it. The writing was terrible- Ra's identity switch was totally from leftfield and made no sense at all. Scarecrow was a joke. The image of him on the horse was one of the silliest I've ever seen. Definitely worthy of B&R. The characters made speeches to each other instead of relating. Bruce's father was constantly lecturing him rather than speaking to him with love. Even as he was dying, which was laughable. The action scenes were blurry and boring. The Bat costume looks awful. The Batmobile is ridiculous (It was jumping onto rooftops for Godsakes!!! How is that any different from Kilmer's wall-climbing batmobile?). Nothing about the film was realistic other than the atmosphere, and that's only in comparison to Burton's expressionistic and Schumacher's Disco-fantasy backgrounds. It's greatly overrated, and wasn't even that big a hit when released.

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