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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by ironman29758 View Post
well this is this is the smallville universe, the very same universe:

-Bart Allen is the Flash with basiaclly Barry and Wally's origin and founding member of JLA and has combination of Wally, Barry and Bart elements from the comics(like Wally West in STAS, JL/JLU cartoons),

-Cyborg is a Founding JL Member (before new 52 came along and when almost no one remember the Super Powers team:the galactic guardians cartoon/final superfriends cartoon)

-Mia Dearden became Speedy before Roy Harper

-Blue Beetle was Jaime Reyes while Ted Kord never takes the identity of Blue Beetle from Dan Garret,who died after failing to control the scarab

etc. This is nothing new, imo.
Guud point.

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
Batman isn't a Rookie. He's been operating longer than Supes here.

Why is his Batman's skin black in the mouth area?

That's a good good question. I was wondering too.

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