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Default Re: Peggy's status

Can't they digitally age Hayley Atwell by CGI? I agree old makeup never looks convincing, but that's because it seems a bit overdone and the prosthetics look fake. However, if they used CGI, wouldn't that be using her real face and skin but just manipulating it?

I think it could be touching if Cap gets to dance with Peggy. What could also work is having Hayley in make up in only a few scenes, but then either Peggy or Cap imagining that she's just as young as she ever was, so they have scenes of them looking like they normally look. Then when Steve pulls away (or Peggy pulls away) it goes back to showing her as old again. So it was all a kind of reverie moment for them. Perhaps Steve still sees her and thinks of her as the young woman he knew, or Peggy fantasises about being young again.

I don't really want Peggy to be played by another actress. It's just not the same, because you know it's not Atwell.

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