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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
If people are unable to see beyond their own personal desires, then that's their problem. It's very easy to complain about something. Well that's not me. It's one thing to doubt something and express your mind on it, cuz we're not supposed to agree with everything companies throw at us. That's very true and I totally support it. But to be so close-minded and make such harsh judgments about something without knowing any of the facts is downright stupid. And when they do things like that I'm gonna call them out for the fools they make themselves of. I won't be thankful for anything, had Batman appeared on the show back in the day, if people reacted in such a retarded way again without knowing the facts again, they would've proved to me yet again how bad they suck. I'm ashamed to see what comic book fans have become.
But its still a Batman fans right to complain when it is their hero being dealt with. There is nothing wrong with them voicing their outrage or stating how they feel. Just like there was nothing wrong when Alan Scott fans got upset when they turned their hero gay before reading it or new 52 Superman's outfit. I actually can see why some fans might prejudge this book because given SV past history when using other heroes (not written by Johns) they have a right to be worried. However even though this might not be the exact same thing as long as it carries the name people will always worry. That's just SV curse now. The sad part is it turned many comic fans off that you prejudge it and move on when really this is a great book.

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